Chapter 126: Going down 4 dress sizes does things to you…

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Going down 4 dress sizes and launching your own fashion product changes you on the molecular level. In the beginning of my weight loss marathon I have made a list of topics in Excel spread sheet, listing everything I would like to blog about. Coco instructed me to blog every day, therefore I needed huge amount of topics. My first list contained 100 topics, all derived from some thoughts or feelings I had.

While progressing in weight loss – I have been adding new topics in-between based on new experiences and status up-dates, as well as new thoughts, observations and emotions. There were so many additional things to write about that I have not used large part of originally posted topics yet. And now it almost looks like I can’t write about these old topics anymore – because I don’t feel this way anymore.

The largest part of bitterness and desperation vanished away. That’s why lots of topics became redundant before I had time writing about them. Like: “I rebel against doing something I don’t want.” or “Do you know how my life is? Everything has to be repaired!” or “I have worked my self up to the point of numbness.” or “I am getting stressed very quickly.” or “I am probably too nice versus too afraid of change.” or “Anger management”.

There is no anger to manage, little stress, there is no fear and I love what I do. Amazing what 27 pounds can do to a girl like me… Perfectly amazing… Thank you!

About: Hi! I am Jane Rene Maria and this is my secret blog about losing 60 pounds and becoming financially independent, both with my own fashion product Perfect Tights. If you like what you are reading, if you like adventure – please follow my blog. It is an honor to be writing for you!

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