No, if you look into a slimming mirror. You know how it goes with women? Our perception about ourselves is equivalent to our self evaluation based on the most recent view of ourselves in the mirror. Plainly said – what we believe we have seen when looking into the mirror for the last time – this is exactly how we feel about ourselves until the next mirror comes around.

So if I wake up, dress up, look at myself and think – “oh my, am I fat!” – I will feel fat and ugly for the rest of the day. At the same time if I look into the mirror and like what I see – I will feel like million bucks for the whole day long.

It is obvious that my self perception will influence my daily wellbeing, my relationships with people around me and my success. It is also obvious that given a choice I would opt in for a happy self perception rather then ugly fat one.

I have a friend who is in garment retail business. She has her own boutique for women size 24 and larger. Her store thrives for ages and through all economic down turns. Her garment is not better then the neighbors, she does not offer more service. However there is one distinctive feature in her store – the mirrors. Her mirrors are concave and therefore are slimming down everybody who looks into this mirror. No wonder that women love themselves in her dresses!

If I had a choice – I would have only slimming mirrors at home. It is way much better to be overweight and feel great, then to be overweight and hate yourself. Don’t need them now though, but 30 pound ago I would really prefer slimming mirrors to the normal ones. Even knowing that they are slimming – does not matter. Because our brain believes what is sees, rather then what it is being told.

Don’t even start about “deceiving yourself into believing”. This is what our life is about. We deceive ourselves into believing daily and about everything and if so – then we better deceive ourselves into believing only great stuff about ourselves, people around us and the world!

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