Chapter 113: Losing 25 pounds of weight changes a lot.

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I honestly thought that it takes at least 40 pounds weight loss to experience such tremendous mental changes. But no. 20 pounds are enough

I have found a little note in my diary and could not relate to it any more. Amazing! This was my note from one year ago. Weight around 187lbs.

“I spent a day walking downtown and all my thoughts were about my body. How-big-I-am type of brain rattle. It felt as if everybody was looking at me thinking how big and unattractive I am. Those are some very painful thoughts. I knew that it was stupid engaging in such type op pulp thinking, but could not stop the rattle.

– On the bright side, – though Coco, – just imagine how much brain space will come free once you get rid of this overweight induced paranoia!”

I am happy to announce that at 162lbs not only did those thoughts left me completely, but even stronger – I can not relate to these thoughts any more. In fact I have decided to write it down today in order to remember what type of thoughts used to populate my brain.

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