Chapter 112: Waving 25.3 pounds good-bye!

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This week has been difficult. Lots of chocolate has been eaten. And even some ice cream. On the top of that I have got fed up with 1) most of my normal food (except for chocolate and ice cream) 2) the heavy back pack. I left the back pack home on several occasions and my little dog made it to a sleeping bag.

I suspect the true reason me being fed up is the fact that preparations for Perfect Tights launch are taking ages. The first sample of packaging came out quite lame and the weight loss movie is being cut for two full weeks already. I am extremely impatient. Let’s say this is my first time cutting a movie, so next time will be much faster. And the packaging – I ditched the lame one and made a better one. A really cool one. This is great news actually plus I just waved 25.3 pounds good bye!

Routine: Perfect tights – wearing the whole day and during exercise. Exercise – 1 hour moderate rope jumping per day (6000 jumps/hour). Steam sauna – 20 minutes per day. Walking 1 hour with a 22lbs back pack. Hula hoop 9 min a day.

Food – logging calories intake @ No fasting this week. Chocolate and fasting don’t go well together.

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