Chapter 95: At least I don’t look like my uncle George.

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We are cutting the first two brick-stones of the weight loss jumping movie. When I say two brick-stones – I am actually referring to the brick-stone game Coco introduced in the beginning of my fat warfare campaign. She has sent me 6 bricks by express and kindly invited to wear them with me every day wherever I go. I am allowed to remove one brick per 10 pounds of weight loss.

I am on the verge of removing the second brick and we have started cutting the movie. Anyway today while cutting the movie I have noticed that 20 pounds ago I looked exactly like my aunt Lara. And this is terrible. Not that my aunt looks terrible, but she is like 3000 years older then me. And now, almost 20 pounds lighter I actually … well … how shall I put it? 20 pounds lighter I still look like aunt Lara, but (thank God) 3000 years younger!

Instead of looking like my aunt I would rather prefer to look like Salma Hayek (before breast implants please). Sigh…

Whatever. At least I don’t look like my uncle George. This is great news. It would be a real disaster. I wouldn’t need to lose any weight, but would need to shave and wear a wig. Uncle George happens to be quite bold.

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