I learned to hate shopping. Mainly because noting ever fits me in the store. But this is the least problem actually. The greatest problem of shopping is to see my rear side in the back mirror. I just do not like my looks in the back mirror, in any mirror actually.

But today something happened. In the fitting cabin of M&S I could not help but notice a narrow waist of 29”, neat hips of 40”, legs looking way much skinnier then they used to be. I have even noticed the first signs of a thigh gap which is a miracle to get as I have never ever had one. And on the top of this leg / hip / waist combination I have noticed my back and arms, looking quite heavy in comparison to my lower body. I was puzzled for a second and could not stop laughing once it became clear to me that legs / hip / waist are exactly the areas which have been wearing my Perfect Tights for the last 8 weeks. Naturally they will be skinnier and more trimmed then the back and arms which are not under influence of my Super-Garment!

I am happy today! I start liking myself in store back mirrors! Didn’t happen for ages, really! As happy as I was, I have bough two bras, one size smaller then I need. Because you know what? I am slimming down! Yohoooooo!

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