Chapter 90: Weight – minus 18 lbs.

3rd week of 20 pounds marathon is over the hill. Three pounds are off. As you can see on the chart above my BMI is officially 2 percent down from 31 percent to 29. Does not sound like much right, 2 percent? But these two points have brought me down from group with no name to the group called “overweight”. And as per today there are no more then 4 points between me and the group called “normal”. LOL

Something else happened today. As you know I am jumping rope every day for the last 56 days, 6000 jumps per day. Today out of nowhere, completely unexpected and miraculously I have jumped 6000 time in one piece, without stopping in-between. Normally I would stop for a very short break every 160 jumps. But not today. Today I went for 6000 at once. Unbelievable and better then great!

Weight: minus 18 lbs. Thigh CMF: minus 2.4”, Hip CMF: minus 2.8”, Waist CMF: minus 4.4”

Routine: Perfect tights / Slimming tights – wearing the whole day and during exercise. Exercise – 1 hour moderate rope jumping per day (6000 jumps/hour). Steam sauna – 20 minutes per day. Body treatment: full body oil after sauna.

Food – logging my calories intake @ Body took over my diet. Two 8-16 fasting days per week, where 8 stands for 8 hour of food consumption and 16 for 16 hour of fasting in-between.

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