Chapter 73: Eat “a lot” instead of “little”. Paradigm change.

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One of those weekends when I was way too lame to do anything else but blogging and jumping rope – I also spent quality time watching 100+ talk shows. All talk shows about weight loss related topics. A lot of people passed review in different weight categories: men and women. Although their stories were all somewhat different – I have noticed one interesting thing all of them had in common with me. Namely everybody said – they eat very little. This is exactly what I used to say.

I have a female colleague size 4, weight 120lbs, height 5ft 4”. She is skinny and always has been. On the top of that she is not concerned with her weight in any way and does nothing extraordinary with her diet. She does not exercise either. She eats three meals and few little snacks a day without any second thought. For the sake of experiment I have asked her what she eats every day. She said: “I eat a lot!” Isn’t that funny? Once she told me what exactly she eats – I have counted the calories: 1600 kcal. I figured out that her “a lot” is about 40% less then my “little” I used to have. How cool is that?

Using a calories calculation tool I learned that her BMI is 20.5% and that she needs 1787 kcal per day to maintain her weight. We are same age and height; therefore I would need exactly same amount.

So in order to lose weight we actually have to eat “a lot” instead of “little”. How about that for a brain twist?

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