Chapter 72: How to scare your little dog?

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Easier then you think. Get same portable sauna like the one Coco sent me. Get inside and wait till your dog comes into bath room. This is how I managed to scare my little golden piglet aka my little dog. Not that I planed to, but boy was she afraid!

Imagine a little silver cabin with your head sticking out in the middle. My little dog recognized my head but could not answer a question why my head is attached to a silver cube instead of a well known body.

Anyway, I am going for 20 pounds weight loss! 11 are off already. 9 pounds to go. I received two parcels from Coco. One with some weird infinity shaped exercise machine in red (a little one, I will tell you about it later). And another one with what do you think? I would never guess. With a portable sauna!!!

After losing first 10 pounds I officially qualified for the next challenge: SOFTENING. I have to take a steam sauna for 30 minutes every day and add a 50 minutes stretching callanetics to my routine. I have started sauna already. This is easy. You just sit inside and watch movies. Callanetics is a bit tricky. I guess I need to shift my rope jumping to morning hours before work, do callanetics after work and top the deal with daily sauna.

After sauna I have to oil myself in with some kind of body oil. Sauna and oil are supposed to soften up my body, change gels to liquids and flush out toxins. Callanetics stretches out muscles, makes my body lean and young, and releases toxins and mental blocks stuck in bulky muscle. Not that I understand any of that. I just do what Coco says. 🙂

Those toxins, flushed out on daily basis rise to my brain and produce thoughts you better don’t want to have, such like thoughts about my ex being a jerk. Come on! We are separated for more then 10 years already. I have not seen the guy for ages. Where do those thoughts come from? Or … Did I incidentally travel 10 years back in time? No, I don’t think so. I have to shed another 20 pound to travel back 10 years.

Weight: minus 11 lbs. Thigh CMF: minus 1.6”, Hip CMF: minus 1.9”, Waist CMF: minus 2.8″

Routine: Perfect tights / Slimming tights – wearing the whole day and during exercise. Exercise – 1 hour moderate rope jumping per day (6000 jumps/hour). Steam sauna – 30 minutes per day. Body treatment: full body oil after sauna. Food – logging my calories intake @

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