Chapter 61: My first weight loss production.

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– A weight loss system is trustworthy if there is clear success evidence present. Success evidence in your case, Jane, would be a clear presentation of your physique before and after. Most people use before and after pictures. However such pictures are extremely easy to falsify. Take a skinny face and put it on a larger body. Here you are: before and after. If you want to be convincing and trustworthy – tape your progress. Make a short film with yourself jumping, once a week for as long as it takes you to get to a certain goal. Once your goal is achieved – cut your weekly films to a little movie which recaps your total progress in few minutes time.

– Coco, it is very difficult to make a movie. I need a camera, a studio, a cameraman, a sound guy, to name a few. I don’t even mention hair and make up artist. How am I supposed to drag a crew like that to a certain place once a week? Not to mention the costs…

– You don’t need any crew. You can make it yourself. What is relevant in your movie – is your weight loss. If you don’t lose any weight – there will be no movie, as there will be no system. If you loose weight – believe me, the last thing your audience will care about is your hair and make up. Same counts for a studio. Who cares what back ground you are jumping against if you lose 40 pounds in process? As for technical gear: you film with your cell phone on a tripod. Please place your cell phone horizontally in a landscape mode. Make sure your whole body is in picture as large as possible. For cutting you will use Camtesia or even better – you will outsource the whole gig to a skillful cutter on No need for any cameraman. No need for sound recording. Just put some nice music over the whole movie at the end. Cutters from will add a royalty free music to your movie for a small additional charge. The sooner you start – the sooner you finish. Once you have your first documented success on film – you will ask several other people to follow in your steps. They will do exactly the same things you have been doing while taping their progress. These documented success stories will be the core of your product presentation. Please smile once and then while jumping. I know how grumpy you can look – Coco chuckled.

This was my phone conversation with Coco three weeks ago. Now every Thursday I tape my weight loss progress. I have three tapes already. During the first one I tried to do some kind of make up. But I did not like myself on tape anyway, with or without makeup. Second time – I did not care about any make up. Third time I noticed the difference between first tape and the third. 7 pounds and one dress size make quite a difference! 🙂

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