Monday… And no, this is not a polar bear. This is me going to work after 10 days vacation. 🙂 I found this little movie on-line and can’t stop laughing about it.

Today I feel more then ever that my life is changing. I feel different today. I was the last one in the office tonight. Everybody left already. I took my phone to call a colleague and ask her a question about one of the projects we are running. I took my phone and … I put it down with a thought: “Tomorrow. Not tonight.”

This is the first time since I don’t remember when that such a thought was born in the workaholic depths of my mind. I stopped working and went home to a) jump rope b) write my blog 3) talk to my cat 4) play with my dog 5) cook dinner 6) assemble new turquoise kitchen scale and do all this little things which make me feel alive.


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