Chapter 53: Supersizing: Value for Money or Force-feeding?

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I would love to see a little change in serving sizes at coffee shops. Imagine – the only coffee size you can buy is a short cup. Short cup of caramel macchiato contains 8oz of beverage and stands for 120 calories or 800 rope jumps. 800 jumps are kind of ok. But who buys a short now-a-days? Even better – you can’t buy a short any more. This size has been abandoned.

But let’s return to our imaginary world. In this world short size is still available and it is the only size served in coffee shops. So if I want to drink a Venti size – I would need to buy three shorts. And if I want to drink a Trenta size – I would need to buy 4 shorts. I am quite certain – I would have big reservations buying 4 shorts, or even three for this purpose. Why? Because I came to have a cup of coffee, not to get a coffee poisoning.

Commerce is fine and offering additional value to a customer is ok. But more often then not I would love to receive just the right amount of value to remain sane and healthy. Spare me all those premiums, add-ons and supersizing. Supersizing, force-feeding, what is the difference? Somebody mentioned free will. Yeah right, free will is the difference [LOL].

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