All this well meant advice! How to loose weight by BMI 40 people, how to find a right husband by single folks, how to run a company by people who never had one, how to give a birth to a child by men 🙂

I have stopped exercising following such advice. Six years ago. Something about getting rid of my too tight muscles to soften up and flush this fat in a natural way kind of brain twist. Guess what? Fat is still there. Lot of it! Even more then before. Like 20 pounds more. What? Muscles? Oh, muscles are gone, yes, they are gone. He was right about this part. Muscles are gone.

Coco taught me one easy trick for instant advice evaluation: ask the advisors whether they have done it before. “If not – cheerfully dance away…” – though Coco. And since then…well…I…ehm…kind of…can’t stop dancing. 🙂

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