Chapter 46: “You will stop tomorrow.” And tomorrow I stopped…

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In the twilight between dream and being awake I found myself being watched by a male Wolf, silver fur shining in the moon light, dark eyes wise and full of purpose. He told me peacefully: “You will stop tomorrow.” And tomorrow I stopped… Tomorrow four weeks ago.

– It is time you stop drinking alcohol, – though Coco early November.

– What do you mean Coco? Do you mean completely?

– Well, yes. This is what I mean.

– Why? It is kind of relaxing to be able to grab a beer once in a while.

– There is a difference between once in a while and every second day, – Coco laughs out loud, – Alcohol has lots of empty calories and drains you of energy.

– Ok, ok. It is just… I have no idea how.

– Don’t worry. I will send a friend. He will tell you how. Until he arrives, and it may take some time, please repeat in your mind every day your firm intention to stop drinking alcohol.

– That’s all?

– Yes.

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