Chapter 38: Girls! Help me choosing my colors!

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Hi girls! Please fill in the poll below and help me making decision on what colors to choose for my “shake-it-off” perfect tights. (Do you remember those slimming tights I have been talking about for ages?) The time of launch is approaching and I have chosen 40 colors. Liya was crying-laughing when I told her about my 40 colors choice, labeling me a “Crazy JRM” It seams like we have to pick four colors, may be six or even eight, but not 40 … (sigh)

I myself like colorful tights, however there are many people brain washing me about pastel tones being fashionable in 2016, and how I have to follow fashion trends. I don’t know what is fashionable; I just know what colors make me happy. If you are asking “Where is black on this list?” – don’t worry, black will be there. Black is the easiest choice to be made. What about colors? What colors make you happy?

4 Replies to “Chapter 38: Girls! Help me choosing my colors!”

      1. Light and the pink light as well 🙂
        Play with colors I’m sure you’ll find something which will suit you 🙂 good luck and show us the results please 🙂

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      2. I have here an Ice Pink (same as on the pool) and Cloud Grey. Will experiment with those. If not combining in one – then making Cloud Grey Leggings and Pink Hoodey. Thank you 🙂 and you will see the result!


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