Chapter 36: Who wears no underwear and drives a rollercoaster to work?

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– How is your brand doing Jane? – Coco sounds like driving a car.

– Are you driving a car Coco?

– No I am in a rollercoaster in Disney Park Hong Kong. – The screams following her words confirm she is not exaggerating a bit. And no, I am not going to ask why she is calling from a rollercoaster. If it was up to Coco, she would drive a rollercoaster to work.

– I am much further on my projects. I have not started on the bag yet, but bra if fully prototyped and I am registering a patent right now. And as for the slimming tights, Liya recommended to run them along with slimming hot pants.

– Slimming hot pants? Sounds new.

I wait until the next scream round subsides.

– The fabric I am working with is this special microencapsulated fiber. – I start screaming into the phone to cover the rollercoaster noise – It contains caffeine, Vitamin E, retinol, fat acids and aloe vera. The combined action of those components helps decreasing the cottage cheese appearance of the skin and reshapes the silhouette. To achieve this effect the garment has to be worn every day for no less than 8 hours, for 8 weeks at least. And what garments do we wear daily for 8 hours for years to come?

– A hat? – Coco is screaming.

– A hat? Which hat? No! No hat, Coco, underpants!

– What?


– I don’t.

– What? – I can barely hear her.


– Hahaha, well, YOU don’t have to. But I still do. And lots of other women as well. So anyhow, I decided to add slimming hot pants to my portfolio as well. – Finally Coco got out of the coaster. I can hear her better.

– How far are you with the product? – Coco asks.

– The first prototypes are done.

– Now you have to test them.

– You sound like Liya – I feel excited and at the same time anxious to pop the next question. – Coco?

– Yes, love?

– Do you allow me … eeeh … allow me to use your name as a … as a trade mark?

– Hahahaha – the short silence is broken. – It sounds almost like a marriage proposal… Well, ah …let me catch my breath… Phh … Oh my God! … Well … ah … Yes! … I do! I do Jane Rene Maria.

– Coco, Coco? Can you hear me? – The noise on the other side of the line is hitting the top.

– Register the brand Jane! I am about to be dropped down one hundred feet! Take care!

I love Coco!

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