Chapter 33: The girl who turns fashion ideas into reality

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You probably remember the remedy me and Coco have found for want without wanting, forget without forgetting dilemma? Exactly! As stupid as it may sound I decided to get distracted from weight loss obsession and lack of results depression by developing several fashion products I have been thinking about for some time. As I don’t know anything about product development Coco did introduce me to a friend, Liya, “the girl who turns fashion ideas into reality”. Honestly, I was very nervous prior meeting Liya and I am still very nervous. I am a nervous person.

I met Liya on Monday, two weeks ago. Virtually. Through the webcam she seems Asian to me. But I very much doubt she is. Liya is striking in many ways. Her energy is almost visible. For a brief moment I even considered her and Coco being sisters of some sort. I can interrogate Coco for as long as I want. She will never disclose any family stuff.

Liya said, she can develop whatever fashion product I want, as long as I can persuade her that the world needs it and that I am really committed. I don’t know how I did it, but I could not stop talking for one hour, result being – Liya agreed to prototype for me. After our conversation things did move very fast. I have sent my drawings, product descriptions and fabrics specs. We mailed couple of times. Yesterday the first prototypes arrived: a bra, a pair of tights, a hot pant, 10 of each. I am sitting here now, writing and wearing them all! Not all 10 of each, don’t get me wrong. I am crazy but not that crazy to wear my whole stock of prototypes at once 🙂 I put a mirror next to my desk and am looking at myself every three minutes or most likely every three seconds. It is soooo fun to have your stuff done!

Prototypes arrived along with a hand written note on a paper with orange back coating:

Dear Jane Rene, congratulations to your 1st prototypes. Before we move any further – please spend four week testing your products, filing for the patents, registering the trade mark. Your bra has high potential. Please file for a patent prior to demonstrating it to the world. As for testing: @bra – test its wearing comfort and performance after daily wash for at least four weeks period; @tights and hot pants – as they are slimming, test them for as long as it takes to proof the slimming effect, furthermore make sure they don’t fall down while walking 🙂 It may sound as a joke but I am actually very serious.

All products you have developed are One Size products. Although from a commercial perspective it is better to have one-size-fits-all products, it is still to be tested whether your one size really can fit the whole size range of your fans. This very much depends on your geographical market.

BR, Liya Long

I have to start testing! OMG, all those new words, geographical market, commercial perspective, patent, trade mark, one-size-fits-all. If I am not distracted now – who is? Going for some rope jumping to get distracted from distraction. Wait, have to put on some hoody. Neighbors would be glad seeing me jumping wearing nothing but a bra!

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