Chapter 31: How to burn calories by talking

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How to burn calories by talking? Talk and run! Coco and I are doing it once in a while. I run here, she runs there, 12 hours time-difference, phone line between us. 500 calories for one hour running and ehmmm… 50 for one hour talking.

– I still can not figure out my dream number two, Coco. – Me and Coco are talk-and-running – The one which will distract me from the weight loss routine.

– Why? Is becoming a millionaire out of the picture?

– You read my blog?

– Of course I did.

– Well this is just a stupid thought and also quite impossible one.

– May be it is. But this assumption is boring = m*c^2. Where m is your body mass and c is the speed of light. Even if you loose 26kg of your body mass – the value of boring will still remain enormous. Financial independency as a dream number two on the other hand sounds crazy enough to keep you busy.

– I am already quite busy as it is.

– Oh, you can drop half of those stupid things you are busy with and finally put your time into things you are passionate about.

– May be I could work out those fashion ideas of mine, the ones we have spoken about before? The bra, the bag, the perfect pair of tights? Do you think they will work?

– One of them might.

– The problem is – I have all those ideas, Coco, but I don’t know anything about launching my own product.

– You don’t have to know as long as Liya does. She will teach you. You just have to want it, to be fully committed.

– Who is Liya?

– The girl who turns fashion ideas into reality.

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