Greg is a nice fellow. You can ask anybody if you don’t believe me! Yes you can! Don’t give me this look. Go and ask! Everybody will confirm how nice he is.

Greg shaves. And he wears little stylish sideburns. It takes Greg 10 minutes a day to trim his sideburns and to shave. Two years ago Greg considered wearing a little designer beard. But after thinking thoroughly about it he decided not to venture further then his sideburns. Designer beard (and I fully agree) is quite a risky look. You can ask anybody if you do not believe me! It could and would probably even most likely if not certainly considerably lower Greg’s chances to be accepted at the internet academy plus it would take another twenty minutes in shaving per day, meaning 20 minutes less time to think about the world and its beauty.

Greg is not young and is proud of it. He is not old either and proud of it as well. I think he is right. Everybody should be proud of something. On the top of that Greg is very knowledgeable. He calls him self a knowledge collector, because he collects knowledge. Greg knows everything about anything. If you have a question – you should ask Greg. Everybody does. Greg will tell you: whatever you want to achieve is most likely and even most certainly completely impossible.

Greg calls him self a sanitarian of way-too-optimistic souls, a dream killer so to speak. And I agree with Greg. If somebody does not tell those way-too-optimistic souls early enough that they are doomed to fail anyway, what then? I trust Greg fully on that. He is very experienced. For example he had an experience once. If you want – he can share it with you.

Yesterday Greg was unhappy. And I can understand. He shared his experience with this girl and she punched him in his face. She punched him right into his left sideburn. I think the girl mentioned that after years of hard work she finally got it how to earn her first million. To which I think Greg called her a full of shit bitch. I think the girl sat still for three minutes thinking whether she does agree. I think she should some how have disagreed, because she stood up and punched him into his left sideburn. I think he tried to punch her back but somehow it did not work. Girls are so fast these days. You can ask anybody if you don’t believe me.

I don’t know why but somehow I am glad I did not tell Greg that I am loosing 26kg. I might have had to punch him too. It would have killed him. There are only as many girl-punches a day a dream killer can cope with.

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