Chapter 27: Chill down babe, there is a cheat…

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– So what to do then?

– Exactly what I say: want without wanting, forget without forgetting.

– Here you are again with your abracadabra, Coco!

– Chill down babe, there is a cheat…

– A cheat?

– Yes a cheat. The best way to remove emotional involvement is to forget about something (while still acting upon it) by for example re-allocating your emotional involvement to a different topic. In plain words …

– Yes please!

– In plain words you follow your daily weight loss routine impeccably while focusing your emotional involvement on a new project; by getting distracted in a way.

– Distracted from what?

– From picking your nose naturally!

– My nose? You lost me here, Coco.

– From weight loss, Jane. From what else? We are talking about weight loss aren’t we? About you losing enthusiasm down the road. So, coming back to distraction: you follow your weight loss program on auto pilot while taking on a new project which creates a new wave of enthusiasm.

– What new project could it be, Coco?

– Well, think babe Jane, engage your thinking machine! Is there anything you can call your DREAM NUMBER TWO?

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