– You cannot lose weight, Jane Rene, while smoking. Smoking makes your mind slow, your body weak, your skin grey, your spirit low. Smoking and self-pity are twins walking hand-in-hand. You search for self-pity stress to have excuse and go for a smoke. You end up in 24 hours self-pity stress with a never-ending cigarette between your teeth. Self-pity is the main reason for being overweight. It is actually the main reason for a lot of things, but let’s put this observation aside until you finally quit making out with Gollum…

This is what Coco would tell me if she knew that I am smoking again. Smoking feels like a non-organic parasite draining me of my energy 24/7. Now, on the 10th day of none-smoking marathon this parasite hunts me. It smiles to me with Gollum smile. It talks to me in Gollum voice. I am quitting. Gollum irritates me enormously.

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