Chapter 24: Can’t sleep. I lost my pants…

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The Moon is low today. Huge orange disk is parked at East horizon. I can see the Moon through my window if I half-sit in bed. I can’t sleep. “Get up! Move!”- Coco’s words are spinning trough my head. She is right… About what? About lots of things actually.

“Failure is merely an option” – check.

“To kill the enemy – you have to kill the enemy” – check.

Beaten and left to recoup your enemy will take its time, gather its strength and return. This is so true! All this shit I have been fighting against – returned. I lost 6kg jumping rope every day, eating healthy until one day I slipped into the self-pity mode and grabbed a cigarette. Another day I stopped exercising because “I needed more rest from all the stress”. Then I moved to a new apartment and lost my jogging pants… Nothing can do. Ooooh nothing can doooo. (The pant part is a joke).

So, how to proceed? According to Coco there are only two points to the weight loss algorithm:

– Logging my calories.

– Creating daily calorie deficit by exercising.

Ok, I go back to Lets fill in what I have eaten today. Hmm, 650 calories over budget, 50 minutes rope jumping. I take a deep breath, get out of my bed and go outside – jumping.

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