Chapter 23: Failure as Opposed to Death is Merely an Option

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– How was your journey Coco? I tried to call you but it never worked!

– Oh it was great. The places we went to were fully disconnected from the world. No phone there. But very happy to see you at last.

– Did you go by the motorbike as planned?

– Yes we started by bike, but finally ended up hiking all the time. The bike appeared to be too fast to hear the breath of the world.

– Did you take pictures?

– Hahaha, I stopped taking pictures of myself long ago. There are only two ways to see my picture nowadays. – Coco removes her beard experiencing slow metamorphose from a slender Chinese guru to my lovely friend.

– Which ways Coco?

– To close your eyes and envision me or to meet me in person. – She laughs. Coco laughs a lot and her laugh is young and full of life like early spring is, carrying warm undertone of the nurturing summer.

– But enough about me. How have you been, Jane? It has been a long time.

– I … ehm … I opened the envelopes…

– Great!

– Great? I thought it will disappoint you.

– You did? Well, no, it does not disappoint me. – Coco removes pins from the back of her head and the white hair runs down her cheeks. – On the contrary, I am proud of you. It takes a lot of courage to open an envelope.

– What are you talking about Coco? I failed!

– Oh, did you?

– Well kind of…

– Failure as opposed to death – is merely an option, Jane. Choose the option not to fail. Get up! Move!

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