Chapter 22: The Art of Fat War by Lao Coco

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Skype is ringing. Camera goes on.

Eh? Who is this guy? A skinny Chinese in white robe is approaching slowly, he is almost floating over the ground. Long white hair, partially pinned up, hands resting on his stomach, hidden in widest sleeves on Earth, bushy eyebrows, throwing shadows over his olive impeccable skin. I stare into his face my nose almost squashed against the screen– he looks back, calm, focused, fully engaged. His eyes mesmerize me; they enroll me in some sort of a calm cocoon, killing every thought, emptying my head. I know this guy; I recognize this faint smile hidden in long, fuller then average Chinese mustache.

– To kill the enemy – his voice runs down soft as warm water – you have to kill the enemy, – he pauses for a long second; eyes closed, head slightly bowed forward. – There is only one way to get rid of an enemy: to fully and thoroughly eliminate it. Beaten and left to recoup it will take its time, gather its strength and return.

Loosing weight means employing various strategies, all targeting the one ultimate goal: your normal body weight. Counting calories is like stalking the enemy’s territory. The better you map the grounds – the better you will deploy. The right gear: body weight scale, measuring cups, food scale, sports garments; are your small arms. Continuous availability of right food in your fridge – are your food supplies. Visualizing your goal and controlling your mind are your armor. A group of like-minded people – are your troops. Logging your progress is your field journal. Staying on calorie budget – is your long distance artillery. Daily exercise is your mobile artillery. Fat loss massage and sauna – are your guerrilla fighters.

Varying your exercises is like deploying various combat strategies.

– Coco! You are back! Oh, Coco, I am so happy! Why the entire masquerade? – I ask laughing.

– Why not baby Jane? It is fun!

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