Chapter 20: Even Surrounded by Best Supporters – We Change Alone

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They always say, our shores are safe and no taifoon can really reach us. Here I was: middle in my room, trying to close rigid windows, gliding in water pools on the slippery tiles.

Coco, away for all these months was out of a sudden very close: Yellow and Blue envelopes smiling at me on the top of the white papers’ chaos. I opened the Yellow One.

The first rule of change is: even surrounded by best supporters – we change alone; our change is only ours, the path between the worlds is narrow and we cross it alone. The only person you cheat on is your self. Yours, Coco

I felt a chill. I was alone: Coco far away in Mexico, me here, fighting all those wind mills and holding unnecessary appearances. Let the world know you are in recession! It does not mean a lot to the world. The world will go on whether I am fat or skinny. I am the only person who needs to see the scale shifting down. Let yourself know you are in recession. I am lying to myself! What use does it have?

With cold shaky hands I opened the Blue One.

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