The day when I started cheating came faster then expected. I started gaining weight and not logging it, in hope that I can regain momentum later on without anybody noticing. The truth is – even if nobody noticed – I did. And no, I could not get back on track. I let my work taking hold of me; I stopped dyeing my hair, forgot to change the dead battery in my scale and eventually stopped exercising.

Coco traveling the Mexican shores was beyond any reach and again I was planning to pick up my journey by tomorrow. Every day was a new tomorrow. Until one day the strong Eastern wind reached out through the opened windows and dropped down my papers from the black wooden shelf. I ran home through the heavy rain to meet them. Middle in the living room, among the papers dancing in the wind there they were: the Yellow and Blue envelopes given to me by Coco.

– Open the Yellow one on the day you want to cheat and the Blue one on the day you want to quit. – Coco’s word echoed in my mind.

Who would have known that cheating and quitting are coming together?

I opened the Yellow envelope.

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