If you have not got it yet – I am telling you now. This blog is absolutely secret. I am writing it secretly and you are secretly reading it. Why the whole secret BS? Because I want to be free of all restrictions of my previous life which made me – who I am – an overweight woman with a burn-out. I mean there is a lot of good stuff in me as well. But who cares.

Coco said, the first thing I want in a new venture is unlimited opportunities.

– Even though your family and friends are supposed to support you, – she said, – they rarely do. Not because they are evil people, often they love you deeply, but because they have this old stereotype of you which can not be changed over night. For example, you told me that you absolutely can not imagine a picture of your skinny body with your head attached to it. If you can’t do such an easy thing, how are they supposed to handle? And if they can not imagine you minus 26kg – they will not be able to support you. And you know what? Sometimes friends just don’t want to support you. Why? Ask a shrink.

I thought about it for a second and figured that the feedback to my venture I heard so far was everything but encouraging. Ranging from “Oh, what are you thinking? Your weight is absolutely fine.” – Or – “It does not matter how you look. It matters who you are.” – Or – “If you are really so tired with your work, just drop it” – to the same old – “It is impossible” – Or – “You can not have it all”. So, secret blog sounds fine.

Plus my parents do not know I was smoking. So – let’s hope they will never find out. LOL.

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