Coco is right. My life is like a dream. Was like a dream, because now I woke up. She woke me up. I whish to think she did. What do I do? What do I want? I want what every woman wants and even some men.

I want to be Coco.

I am not sure I can match her brains, but I may try matching her ass! I can go down to those 56kg I have never been.

– What do you mean; you have never been 56kg? – I hear a reader asking – Are you born heavier then 56kg?

– HA-HA-HA, – I would answer – not funny. I am born 3.5kg. And this is the only time when my weight was appropriate for my age. Now you can laugh.

I and Coco are a universe and 26 kg apart.

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