– Life is like a dream; – Coco made her self comfortable on my porch. – One day you wake up and you don’t recognize yourself. Still young, still crazy, but a different person in the mirror. 16 to 36: 20 years, 60 pounds, 3 pounds a year.

“Me not liki”- you whisper. “ME NOT LIKI”- you scream.

“I want back this sexy ass”- you whisper. “I WANT BACK THIS SEXY ASS”- you scream.

Not the first time you whisper. Not the first time you scream.

You are smoking – which is a drag. Smoking is supposed to keep you skinny and relaxed, but instead makes you tired and grumpy.

You drink. You like alcohol. You drink some everyday. It is harmless. It relives your stress.

You always plan stopping tomorrow. You whisper. You scream. Tomorrow. Every day is a new tomorrow.

You work a lot and sleep a lot as well. Honestly, you could sleep 16 hours a day, like your cats, or like your neighbors’ cats or like some crazy cats, whatever.

You are married or not, there is a man or not. Whoever there is – you don’t recognize him either. – Coco smiles – Sex? Officially last month. What day? You don’t remember. Do you want it? Not enough to demand it. Are you frigid? You are fire in bed – though the chronicles.

You are splendid dancer – who does not dance. You are spending singer – who does not sing. You are supposed to be a good writer – but you don’t write. They say: “You can’t have it all.” I say: Fuck it! – They can’t. YOU WILL!

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