Chapter 257: The Best Motivational Video I Have Ever Made…

We forget about our victories. 
Dragging around a smoggy veil of discontent.
Discontent with ourselves.
No reason but shortage of our memory.
Because each and every one of us has accomplished GREAT THINGS!
It is just easy to forget our greatness, our victories.
Each and every time I feel the veil of dissatisfaction enveloping me –
I watch this video.
Coco, thank you for pushing me to make it!
What looks like amazing 30 pounds drop, jumping rope and wearing Perfect Tights,
Is actually a major REALITY SHIFT, a real time-lapse of me shedding off great weight of my limiting beliefs! The words I am singing are TRUE: My life did change because of those two simple things … !!!

Perfect Tights SWS1 900 x 120.jpg

Chapter 256: Best Fitness Legwear Review and Giveaway

It’s time once again to give back to my fans! This time I review what I would call the world’s most 🔥 🔥 🔥 powerful fitness / casual leg-wear for women: The Perfect Tights Black Ultra. Click the button below ⬇ to sign up for our sweepstakes and win your own pair! 

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A pair of tights goes for $140 in retail. And I will be giving 🎁🎁 2 pairs away to two 🍀🍀 lucky subscribers. Because I believe that it is only fair that if I review a product here, that you review this product with me together ❤. So read to the end or watch video below to learn about my experiences and the details on how to win your pair of Perfect Tights Black Ultra.

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The Perfect Tights Black Ultra is truly an 💯 🙌 amazing pair of stirrup tights. After testing this product for quite some time I would even dare to call it the ultimate pair of tights every woman ever needs. 🤗

I’ve been wearing Perfect Tights for two years right now and there are a lot of things which I ❤ love about them. These are my personal opinions, so please take them as such. If you want to make up your own opinions you will need to get a pair and to wear it.

For me the most❗important characteristic of the tights was that it really helped me to achieve my fitness 🥅 goals. And it may sound 🙃 weird, but I will explain how and you will understand.

I need to 🏋️‍♀️ exercise 30 minutes a day to stay fit.  I’ve always wanted to integrate 🕧 30 minutes exercise a day into my daily routine to stay fit.  And I couldn’t 😢. I couldn’t because I felt I was 💤 tired and did not have enough 🔋 energy to exercise every day. I did not have the motivation either but mainly because I felt tired.

And at the moment that I’ve got the tights and started wearing them every day and during 🧘‍♀️🚴‍♀️🤸‍♀️ exercise, this whole ‘tired stuff’ went away. Basically I’ve got more energy and could exercise every day💃.

I attribute it to 2️⃣ two characteristics of the Perfect Tights:
#️⃣ 1: The tights are mildly 🗜 compressing. When I wear them, they have this mildly compressing effect, which enhances my blood circulation and lymphatic flow. Therefore I get more ⚡ energized and can get more out of my day.

#️⃣ 2: At the same time there are several active ingredients embedded into the actual fabric of the tights. When I wear the tights, those ingredients slowly enter my system through the contact with my skin. One of the effective ingredients is ☕ Caffeine. When I drink coffee or wear Perfect Tights with Caffeine inside, I get more energized.

So my interpretation is: ☕ Caffeine + 🗜 Mild Compression = ⚡ More energized.

The second important characteristic is that Perfect Tights did help me to ❌ get rid of soar muscles during and after the exercise. Another ingredient embedded into the textile is 💦 Castor Oil. Castor Oil is well known for its ☀ healing properties. It is very effective for healing of micro muscle injuries after exercise, also known as sour muscles.

Normally, my experience with the exercise is that I always would have muscle pain afterwards. My daily routine since two years is 30 minutes rope jumping a day and all this time I had no muscle pain whatsoever. 🌈

It helps a lot, because I don’t have any reason not to exercise anymore. I have the 🔋energy and no muscle pain. 💃

So for me these are three very important key characteristics of the garment:
1) Wearing the tights during day and during exercise I get more out of my day.
2) I don’t have any exercise related muscle pain.
3) Those tights on my legs – look perfect. 💯

So again I have been using Perfect Tights to help me achieving my fitness goals. And even after achieving my fitness goals I still keep wearing the tights, because they are perfect for me and I will tell you exactly why.

Let’s take a look at the tights. Perfect Tights arrive in a sturdy transparent box with black insert and a bright 🍊 orange sweatband around the box. Looks quite cool. There is a short description of the product and composition tables on the back of the product. All components are being described here.

Right out of the box the Perfect Tights Black Ultra feels soft, smooth but firm to the touch.

There is something 👍 important I want to say about the fabric: it is very difficult to get 💣damaged. So it does not pill, it does not change its shade. It remains black all the time. It remains smooth all the time. Dust, animal hair can’t get attached to the surface. It always looks clean.

Even when our 👶👶 little ones grab our legs with their little fingers covered in matched 🍪🍪 cookies, and these cookies are all over the tights. You just wait till it is dry, 👏 clap on the surface and it is gone. Perfect Tights are great for women of any age with busy 📋 schedule and a lot of responsibilities.

In the 🎬 video ⬆ above I do a little demonstration involving Perfect Tights and a Velcro stripe. Just to demonstrate to you the fact that nothing attaches to the surface of the tights, not even Velcro. If you are brave enough you can do such Velcro experiment with any leg-wear you own and the leg-wear will get damaged. Not the Perfect Tights. The microfiber textile is just perfect.

For me the Perfect Tights wears a the second skin. It is ❄ cooling in the summer. I attribute it to its quick dry and moisture wicking properties. It is ♨ warming in the winter. I wear Perfect tights till the 🌡 thermometer hits the freezing point. And once below the freezing point – I put another pair of warm leg-wear on the top of my tights.

Let’s have another 👀 look at the garment. There is wide elastic on the top, which makes sure the tights do not slide down under any circumstances. It’s amazing.

I myself ❤ love tights generally. I know everything about tight and leggings. And nowadays it is virtually impossible to get any leg-wear which will not slide down while walking.  And even if the elastic does not slide down – the crotch does with each and every step. And I mean really, this is a 😂 cry out to all leg-wear manufacturers. Try wearing your own stuff before you sell it!!! The purpose of a woman is not to stay in a corner the whole day. We 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ run around, we do stuff. We need comfortable leg-wear which looks perfect and stays in place!

And Perfect Tights stay in place, They NEVER slide down. No matter how long you walk or exercise – Perfect Tights do always stay in place. This is incredibly comfortable.

Another 👍 great feature of the tights is a high back rise. A lot of leg-wear right now is being made with a way too short back rise. I am sure you know this weird look, when your leg-wear has higher waist line in the front and much lower one in the back. Happens all the time. As a garment manufacturing 👩‍🔬 professional I know exactly how it comes. Most patterns for the most contemporary leg-wear are made in Asia. And there is a different formula to calculate the back rise in Asia. It is different to the Western formula and it does not accommodate for the Western curves. Hence too short back rise. Perfect Tights have a serious back rise, accommodating for any curves, and designed for women  who do not accept any jokes about their comfort.

Perfect Tights are constructed in a way to be worn for a long time and I found them to be very wear and tear resistant. Amount of seams is minimized. Nowadays there are a lot of leggings with lots of seems and parts. The truth about seems is – every seam is a liability. The more seams on a sports garment – the sooner one of them will pop. And if we can’t fix a popped seam at home – the garment is ruined. The less seams we have on a sports garment – the better. This is my personal opinion. And Perfect Tights has only two side seams, which are double protected. They are bonded and triple stitched, so  even in such a rare case that a stitch pops, the bonded seam remains intact. 🙌

Perfect Tights are stirrup tights. I really ❤ love this part. Because stirrup tights do always stay in place and look more elegant than a simple legging.

The tights are mildly compressing. So if you get a pair – be aware of it. If you don’t like compressing effect – take one size larger.

Tights are a bit see through, so I wear a short on the top of my tights during exercise.

My personal observation is that the effective components in the tights last for 90 days, if I cold hand wash the tights every second day. However I have one pair here which I wear since 2️⃣ years already, the components are gone but the tights still look great. It is a garment which is made to last.👍

And if you ask me whether Perfect Tights is to stay in my wardrobe or to go – I will answer: The Perfect Tights will STAY! 💃 💃 💃 It’s a Cool Thing and Cool Things are to STAY! 

And now the details of the 🎁🎁 giveaway.

✅ First click the button ⬇ below and sign up for the giveaway.

✅ Second you must be a subscriber to my channel. Because I am doing this for my fans. If you are a subscriber already – it is great, but if not – click here to subscribe to my channel.

✅ Third you have to like this video.

The winners will be posted in the description of the product review 🎬 video and notified by 📧 email. This giveaway is opened internationally to anyone in the world age 18+ at entry. Go ahead, click the button ⬇ below, ✍ sign up, subscribe to my channel and like the video. Thank you for 📖 reading! 📣 Talk soon!

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Sweepstakes begins at 12:01 AM EST (UTC -5) on Wednesday, October 25th, 2017, and ends at 10:59 PM EST (UTC -5) on Monday, November 13th, 2017

The following 🎁🎁 prices and 🎉🎉 rewards are available:

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The winners will be posted in the description of the product review 🎬 video and notified by 📧 email. This giveaway is opened internationally to anyone in the world age 18+ at entry. Go ahead, click the button above, ✍ sign up, subscribe to my channel and like the video. Thank you for 📖 reading! 📣 Talk soon!

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Chapter 253: Where I am reminding myself metaphorically not to do stuff which is not my FIRE…

Are you familiar with the theory of a bottle neck?
In a nut shell: at any point in time there is only one single bottle neck.
Bottle neck = Problem.
In other worlds: At any point in time you, me, this guy, this girl, anyone have only one single problem. Never two.
How so?
There is always one problem, which if left unsolved makes all other problems obsolete.
You wake up in the morning, too late for an important meeting, very hungry and your house is on fire.
How many problems do you have?
Three? Too late, hungry, fire? Really? NO! ONE! Your freaking house is on fire.

A questions:
What is your FIRE?
And not less important one: What is my freaking fire? How about to stop attending to the needs of people who don’t recognize that I have never been and never will be their fire! 🙂

Now it is said! And please yell at me shall I spend another second writing about it!

P.S. For start up readers. Your single most important fire is SALES. Always. Fix it 🙂

Chapter 252: The Time After is never the same as The Time Before…

“There is always Before and After…
Before – is the time before your amazing dream.
After – is the time after.
The Time After is never the same as The Time Before.
Neither are you… You are a different You, After…” – Coco Tomātl

We all have a dream which changes us, at least once.

She woke up with a smile on her face.
She felt, this smile is there to stay. Like … forever. 🙂

She had the most amazing dream,
Feeling unconditionally in love with another human being,
While at the same time being loved back unconditionally.

Unconditional love is difficult to describe in words,
As for any description lacks every depth.
Unconditional love has to be felt.

Unconditional love is a right of passage.
Once enveloped into this love, dissolved in it,
Out of a sudden she knew on a cellular level that
She was worthy of all the happiness in the world, of all the success in the world, of all the love in the world.

“Love is amazing”, – she thought. “And we have not even scratched the surface. It is a tremendous power, a power which makes the very existence of fear obsolete. Not impossible – but obsolete!”

“Before and After”, – she thought. “Before I was afraid. Today I am loved unconditionally. Today I am unconditionally in love!”

“Love, we mostly know”, – she thought, – “is a little guess in comparison to this unconditional all-present knowledge of being a gorgeous, happy, loved and blessed human being.”

Right of passage. Unconditional love is a right of passage.

Chapter 251: Rain brings me back to who I am…

It is raining for the past 7 days.
And I feel that the rain washes away, once again …
Same old confusion…
About who I really am.

That’s why I have decided to start my day with the blog which means a world to me.
Although, prior to do that, I have checked my emails. 🙂

It is a fact that no matter how clear we see things, any difficult situation on our path to our goal acts like a heavy rain, washing away our road map. Confused – we are picking up the trail of someone else, someone who screams the loudest 🙂

My purpose is to help people discovering their True Self, start living fully and daring greatly. Albeit through getting fit, through setting up successful fashion business, through shamanic work or all three together. This is my trail, my road map carved in stone.

At the end of the day – it is all about dealing with fear, as for fear is the single power separating us from anything we want and everything we need.

Chapter 250: All bags you watch – are yours!

– I know exactly how you feel, Jane. – Coco and I are running through the rice fields of Minhang.
– You do? – Stupid question. She always does!
– Not sure it still happens anywhere nowadays; but once upon a time, in another life, where people were less frightened, someone could ask you to watch their bag for a minute.
– What do you mean?
– I know, it sounds unbelievable, but someone at the train station or on the beach could ask you to watch over their bags for a minute until they are back…
– And?
– Well, you would agree …
– Really?
– Yes, you would agree as it was very common, and some times you would spend ages watching over their bag. People would get into some kind of time trouble and what supposed to be few minutes would turn into three hours or half a day…
– This is terrible!
– It feels terrible, yes. You are standing there, with some irrelevant bags of some person you do not even know… And … you can’t leave. Your sense of responsibility, your honesty, your integrity keeps you there. And at the same time your inner Deserve It Troll is trolling about you being a stupid idiot, saying something around the lines that you should not have accepted the bags in the first place, that you always want to be nice to people and people take advantage of you, blah blah blah… Yeah! Poor you.
– Why are you telling me this story Coco?
– Because I need you to understand that there is another way.
– What way? Not accepting any bags?
– This is not the way. We accept a lot of different bags in our life. The trick is to understand that once you have accepted them – they are YOURS. So rather than standing around, waiting for someone to relieve your pain – put your bag on your shoulder and walk through your life. Most of the time those bags are not heavy anyway. And who knows what great thing may be inside!
– I do not understand…
Stop dramatizing people not meeting your expectations! By doing so you resemble a person watching over someone’s bag on the train station. Years have passed, the bag owner went to the Moon and back, while you are still waiting. Move! Laugh! Be grateful to live and have some bags to carry!

Chapter 246: If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

What does it really mean “build a door”? It means start providing value to people around you in the area where you are looking for an opportunity. Fitness Fun Shanghai is a door. And so, following Coco’s advice I am building a lot of doors 🙂

Chapter 245: Most hobbies don’t last longer than 7 years. Businesses do.

Turning hobby into business and building business out of hobby are two different concepts. I have started with the first. Failed dramatically and through this failure learned how to do the second.

Focus on building a business rather than doing your hobby. Most people I know who turned their hobby into business ended up enslaved by their hobby, ended up creating a job for themselves rather than a business which can be sold. Most hobbies don’t last longer then 7 years. Businesses do.

Chapter 244: Take all decisions about your life by yourself, consciously.

Take all decisions about your life by yourself, consciously. In my personal life – every time I have not made a clear decision, somebody else did it for me. Mostly to my small or great disadvantage.

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