Chapter 223: Dowsing for emotional peace.

– My colleague from KAPOW course just launched her first webinar and made $20.000 in the first round. This is such a great result! I can’t sleep since yesterday contemplating how to replicate her success.

– Great, you will do the same.

– It took her only two weeks to set everything up! Can you imagine?

– It will take you two weeks as well. Get focused.

– I am scared shitless.

– Yeah, we have to address this. You spend way too much time being scared… But this is not the problem.

– No? What is?

– The problem is the Nasty-It-Not-Good-Enough. You doubt yourself way too often. Actually few hours every day. We have to eliminate this doubt. Doubting yourself and pitying yourself is quite entertaining. However, the thing is – you don’t have time! So we need to get rid of this doubt. Don’t misunderstand me. In comparison to Jane Rene Maria 30 pounds ago – your Nasty-It slimmed down quite a bit. But it is still there. And now we really need to make it disappear. You have to stop doubting yourself.

– How?

– It is dowsing time! Show me three places in your home where you spent most time: 1) Place where you sleep 2) Place where you work (where you are writing your course right now, where you will be translating your webinar from) 3) Place where you take your meals.

Coco is floating around my house with two metal sticks in her hands. Apparently sticks are talking to her: pointing to the left, pointing to the right, pointing to the front. I have no idea what is she doing. 30 minutes later she tapes a tape on the ground all around my house and gives me the following recommendations:

– 1) Move your bed two feet to the East and one foot to the North. 2) Move your desk three feet to the North. 3) Your dining table is in a great position. No need for any change. Tape on the ground outlines the Earth Lines. Don’t spend much time on these lines and even less time in places where lines cross. Stay out of the lines and you will stop 1) Getting angry without any reason 2) Feeling victimized 3) Doubting yourself 4) Pitying yourself 5) Waking up in a bad mood. Don’t ask me why, it is of less importance right now. I have seen Samuel Sagan manual in your practice room. Please refer to later chapters in this manual for the dowsing techniques and purpose if you want to know more. And now – run, write your course!

I have no idea what it is – Earth Lines or Placebo. I wake up next day full of positive intentions and even catch my self on the thought that today is the day to purchase Guava pass and to kick ass in my Phase FOUR of the Art of Fat War. Further – better. I work through the whole day, go through two KAPOW modules; write out two first modules of my million dollar course. I literally feel at peace the whole day long. My surroundings are the same, daily stress levels are the same, I just feel differently – and as if it was not enough, I literally can’t take my hands off my husband… Nice side effect…

P.S. I will need several girls and guys sponsoring me on my way to become a million dollar course owner. In return I will help all my stakeholders to become a million dollar fashion product owner or million dollar course owner. PM me HERE for more details.

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