Chapter 222: Have a breakfast and I will tell you what we are up to…

I wake up in the morning and Villa de Coco smells like home-made pan cakes and home-brewed coffee. Laying in bed in twilight between sleep and being awake a wave of safety and security envelops me. I get dressed, put on huge warm white socks my mom sent me few months ago and slide down the stairs into the large 1st floor with build in Chinese kitchen.

– Good morning babe Jane, how are you? – I don’t see her yet, but goose bumps of happiness are there, all over my body. I hear her voice! My dear Coco is here!

– Coco?! Oh Coco, I missed you so much!

Like a spring breeze, fresh, young and slender, Coco is buzzing through my kitchen, baking Russian pancakes, brewing Brazilian coffee, making the shadows disappear, making light enter. Coco. I have not seen her since, since… Being all confused and overwhelmed by her sudden appearance I fail to remember. Who cares? She is here!

– I will stay on your side until your KAPOW course is done and you have become a KAPOWstar!

I am crazy happy and start laughing.

– How do you know about KAPOW Coco?

– I follow your blog, silly and … I tune into your soul! – She gives me a hug. Safe. Safe. I am all safe. I am all safe.

– Eat your breakfast and I will tell you what we are up to…

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