Chapter 218: 1) Shave Yellow Guiney Pig. 2) Catch little green Piglet. 3) MASSIVE KAPOW!!!


Guiney Pig = Accountant

Yellow = New

Shave = Find

Little Green Piglet = Bank Audit

Catch = Finish

Shiny Monster Butterfly = Bank

Sing = Ask a lot of questions

Loudly = at the moment when you are too busy and have no time for any additional BS

MASSIVE KAPOW = Financial Independence aka 1 million USD+.

I have not been writing for 10 days straight because of this to-do list:

To-do list:

  1. Shave Yellow Guiney Pig
  2. Catch little green Piglet.

If you don’t understand what I am talking about = means you feel same as I did in the past 10 days. Yellow Guiney Pigs have their own language. And Shiny Monster Butterflies tend to sing loudly. So use glossary and be happy cause I am done with pigs and piglets and ready for MASSIVE KAPOW!!!

P.S. This MASSIVE KAPOW will shake me and it will shake you. Because while KAPOWING myself – I will teach you KAPOW. Good night!

P.P.S. The Art of Fat War Members who have fought few battles already have heard about the alternative goal phenomenon / strategy. My alternative goal is to become financially independent. And the time is – NOW! Therefore KAPOW!!!

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