Chapter 209: Day three – sugar free…

I wish I could write a short story about this extraterrestrial space ship which I found in our neighbors yard three days ago…

Or a short story about the pair of black ballet shoes without a girl, or shall I say about a girl who travelled to another dimension straight from a random cross road in Shanghai Center, leaving her black shoes middle on the road for us to remember her by…

But I can’t! Can’t think about anything but PANDA sweet condensed milk!!! I don’t even like it!!! So much in fact that I found myself today standing in the kitchen with a coffee cup in one hand, huge table spoon in another in front of what? No need to guess three times. In front of PANDA sweet condensed milk jar!

I was standing there with this spoon; contemplating that one PANDA coffee would be actually ok and acceptable, while the following thought arrived on the second wire of my brain (thank God I have this second wire, and thank God it works at times):

“This is how everything is being sabotaged. Always. Over and over again. If you take this PANDA now – you will lose your momentum. And there is no time left anymore for this constant momentum loss. There is no time! If you take this PANDA now – ten years will pass and you will find yourself in a different kitchen maybe, holding on to the very same spoon, a spoon which at time becomes an extension of your hand and a symbol of your endless vicious circles.”

I literally looked around whether anyone noticed, put the spoon back into the cupboard and went up to write this post. Luckily for me I have not eaten the PANDA.

It is quite stupid. No harm caused by one spoon PANDA. No harm to what? I am stuck in my Phase FOUR of the Art of Fat War for quite some time now. I have not been following Phase FOUR instructions. And I am stuck. There is a huge harm in this spoon of PANDA! It brings me back to start line for the 110th time! It is all about my decision – do I want to get through my Phase FOUR or do I want to get into my seventies trying?

If my life was on the line – would I eat this PANDA? No. And my life is on the line! Because instead of getting through Phase FOUR into Phase FIVE, I am indulging into getting stuck because of some PANDA stuff, which I don’t even like!!! I don’t know about you – but I am really fed up with this Deserve-It-Troll figure. I think he is PANDA-jar-faced, yeah he is…


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