Chapter 207: This can not be right! We are feeding this substance to children!

I quit smoking in Phase ONE of the Art of Fat War.

I quit drinking in Phase TWO of the Art of Fat War.

I thought I was done quitting. What else is there to quit?

So I went through my Phase THREE believing that quitting work was finished.

30 pounds lighter I have entered the Phase FOUR.

Guess what I am doing today? Spot on – I am quitting. Cold turkey.

I have been putting it off since embarking on Phase FOUR of the Art of Fat War. Instructions were quite clear, but I did not follow these instructions, thinking that it will work out some how.

It did not work out. And then it did not work out some more. 🙂

Luckily for me yesterday I looked into the book by Tony Robbins: “Awaken the Giant Within”. And this book told me that it is time to re-program my perception of certain pleasures as pains in order to move forward with my weight loss. Tony asked me to identify this thing I have been putting off for a long enough time. Following his guidance I figured out this one thing. And I figured as well that me putting off this one thing is most likely one of the reasons why I am stuck in the Phase FOUR of the Art of Fat War. Coco will be pleased knowing that I figured it out on my own (well Tony Robbins helped me).

I woke up in the morning and started. And towards 12pm here it was – the Cold Turkey. This is when I understood that I actually stumbled upon my next addiction. It is weird but deprivation of this substance causes the VERY SAME SYMPTOMS I felt when I was deprived of nicotine!!!

This can not be right! We are feeding this substance to children! A substance which is so common and all over the place – behaves like a drug! Why otherwise would I be cranky and have this nagging feeling in my solar plexus asking for some … SUGAR!?

“Remove sugar from your diet.” – This was the instruction. “Any sugar but fresh fruit to start with.” Today is my first sugar free day. Sneaky-Deserve-It-Troll is hysterical. He shows me pictures of my favorite jam and another thing I just love – sweet condensed milk. Solar plexus aches: same nagging discomfort as if I would be off cigarettes.

So day one – done. I will keep you posted. This is quite a battle I can say.

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