Chapter 189: Stop being stupid! Stop it! Stop it!

“Stop being stupid! Stop it! Stop it!

You are the one who is reality-knitting.

Start knitting reality which makes sense.

The one full of people whose commitment means really committing!”


This is Coco telling me her Harsh Truth.

Truth about my ways of living for the past five years which at last

Crying, in cramps, in tears, and bleeding in pain become MY PAST!!!

My Past! My Past! My Past! My Past!


Once this amputation is done, and provided that I survive

I am looking forward to share with you and to nurture

My Happy Sunny Present and Incredible Ferry-Tale-Like Future.


About: I am Jane Rene Maria. I change lives by Healing Fear. Join my game play at to lose what you don’t need, and to find what you have lost or what you never had but always wanted. Thank you for being here.

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