Dispatch #5: Attention All Art of Fat War Members! Soap Encrypted Master Strategy Video Uploaded… Watch to Win…


I and Ginger (you will meet her soon) finally finished two strategically important videos explaining the Master Pan-Strategy of the Art of Fat War in both encrypted and decrypted versions.

You can watch Soap Encrypted Master Strategy Teaser HERE

For those of you who are serious about your weight loss please go to the Membership Area of the Art of Fat War => Phase ONE => Soap Encrypted Master Strategy Lesson to watch the decrypted strategy version.

If you have not done it yet:

  1. Set up your free membership here
  2. Follow Coco Tomātl blog here
  3. Join The Art of Fat War community here
  4. Get your Guerilla Fighters Kit for Phase ONE here (10 pounds weightloss!!!)

To lighter future!

Jane Rene

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