Chapter 163: Breaking may as well be the beginning of …

I used to be a vicious workaholic.

This is one of the reasons why I gained 67 pounds extra weight in the past.

I used to be under constant stress at levels which stopped being funny…

I used to be consciously afraid all the time…

Afraid of Something…

The name of this Something was Failure.

Yet through this “highly functional” constant state of panic, thank God, I managed to hear Coco’s voice.

“The question,”- she said, – “is not how much you can handle before you break. The question is how much you can handle once you have broken.”

She also said: “Find mentors who are successful at what you want to do. Learn from them. Do it.”

And to top it off she said: “Say NO often”.

And I broke.

And I learned that breaking may as well be the beginning of healing…

At the moment that I had nothing to lose – everything became crystal clear.

Everything changed its colors.

It felt as if I was being born to a different reality. Real time.

I felt this transformation real time.

It is a paradox, but at the moment I had nothing to lose – fear left.

And once shades of perceived importance fall down,

The only true thing left was my family and friends.

I went and found few mentors.

The kind of mentors who have done it before.

Not the other kind.

I fired the other kind.

I started saying NO instead of saying nothing.

I accepted full commitment.

And fired everybody who did not.

I still like working.

But differently.

Not in the way which made me all burned out and obese.

I like working in the way which makes me full of warmth to share, which makes me all slender and svelte.

Warm, slender and svelte, like Coco.


About: Hi! I am Jane Rene Maria and this is my secret blog about losing 60 pounds and becoming financially independent, both with my own fashion product Perfect Tights and unique Art of Fat War Weight Loss System. If you like what you are reading, if you like adventure – please follow my blog. It is an honor to be writing for you! If you want to lose 20 pounds or more – join The Art of Fat War FB group and become an Art of Fat War member

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